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It’s Hannah’s first day of high school. It's also the first day she’ll wear a girl’s school uniform and go by her chosen name instead of the boy’s name she was given at birth.

Commissioned by ABC TV for ABC ME 

Writer | director | co-producer

17 minute drama



While in the process of moving in together, two women find themselves trapped in a room. The longer they’re in there, the more they’re forced to deal with the underlying issues in their relationship. 

Writer | director | producer

15 minute drama


Frank can’t sleep. A rogue washing machine is keeping him awake, night after night. Frank’s determined to do something about it but a lack of sleep and a short fuse means things don’t quite go to plan.

Writer | director

7 minute drama




Rachel and Kath have just moved in together. When Kath goes off to meet her ex, Rachel descends into a spiral of paranoia and suspicion. The longer Kath is away, the more Rachel wonders if she can really be trusted.  Rachel lets her imagination get the better of her and ends up doing things she never thought she would.

Writer | director

8 minute comedy